Monday, February 1, 2010


Well, we got some snow here in NC. Saturday it was kind of miserable going outside - snowy, sleety, gray and wet. But the hubster took the kiddos out for a little while. Poor Tboy - his wrists were bright red when he came inside.  Tgirl had some home sick from school Friday, but her temp was normal the next morning, so we sent her outside as well. (NB - I stayed inside where it was warm and dry!). Of course, that night she was miserable and sick again!

Tgril was a little tentative, but Tboy got right down to business making snow angels.

Unfortunately, Sunday both kids and I were sick. So, no going outside for anyone. Monday brought a day off from school and a sunny afternoon, perfect for playing outside.

First, Tboy and I went out, and just messed around. Then Tgirl came out. My world! It seemed like she said. Of course, she did spend all last week learning about snow in school.


She even made a snow angel. Can you see that smile!?!

We don't really have a hill to sled down, but it didn't matter. As it turns out, our front steps are snowed perfectly to make a nice little hill. Tboy discovered it first. And scaled it like a little mountain climber.

Then, the fun part! So, it's not the longest ride, it's the thrill that counts!

Once Tgirl came out, she was having so much fun, we had to try to get her to slide down the steps. There are no pictures of me hoisting her up there (since I was the official photographer and playmate), but Tboy was at his most gracious. He sat at the top, held out his hand, and said "Here Tgirl, take my hand!".

Then he worked to get her settled....Scoot down a step, Tgirl, scoot down a step!

While having fun, she wasn't quite sure what to do. Tboy to the rescue - Watch me!!!

Then, finally, down she went.

We all clapped and clapped - Good Job Tgirl!!!!

So, it had snowed first, and then sleeted, putting a nice crust on the snow. When you walk on it, it breaks apart. Perfect for an almost-8-year-old boy who is fascinated by scaaarrrry graveyards. Guess what the snow pieces made? A snow graveyard of course. Here's how to make one.
Choose gravestones carefully, and carry them over to the graveyard.

Place them just so....


Be careful not to break any (like this one!) A slightly dejected Tboy tries not to cry over a broken gravestone.

All done!

Another (admittedly close to home) outing, another happy day. With only a few episodes to Tgirl-zilla stomping on gravestones, we had a very very nice time outside, Tboy got to play helpful big brother and hopefully, I have two tired children who will sleep well tonight!

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