Thursday, February 4, 2010

Paperwork, Paperwork

Chances are good that we are getting Tgirl a supports waiver slot. Yay! But oh the paperwork! And, apparently they are changing the laws and funding right now which means, well, I am not sure what it means for us, but it sure has other parents in an uproar.

The process is making my head spin. Here it is:

First, get Tgirl a full cognitive and adaptive evaluation. (This was actually in progress for various other reasons and the school psychologist was very nice and put a rush on it for us, which means it is coming home today all done!)

Then, once we have the Psychological Evaluation in hand, share it with someone at HHS.

She, in turn, shares with Tgirl's Medicaid Specialist (don't you wish you had one of these?). We get a referral to the Targeted Case Management agency of your choice (oops! I forgot I was supposed to be looking for one of these and now I think I am really behind the 8 ball.)

Now, for the State to determine Tgirl's eligibility for CAP-MR/DD, they will need the Psychological Evaluation, a statement from the Medicaid Specialist that Tgirl's Medicaid application is in process, and an MR-2 form completed by an MD (not a physician's assistant or a nurse practitioner - this is a shame because Tgirl's main provider is a PNP but we do have MDs also).  We can't take the MR-2 to the doctor until we have the Medicaid number to put on it.

Once the MD signs the MR-2, it's only good for 30 calendar days.  The State has 5 business days to approve it (15 if it's problematic - whatever that means).  Once the State grants Prior Approval to the MR-2, the Case Manager (that we haven't found yet!) only has 30 calendar days to submit the Initial Person-Centered Plan to Value Options for review.  Value Options has 15 business days for review (15 more if the plan is problematic). Except here is where I think the laws are changing even as I type!

On top of this, the Medicaid Specialist has completely different time-lines for Medicaid.

Got it? Good, and please can you explain it to me. Because I am also supposed to be rescheduling one and planning for two PTA meetings, planning a Family Night Out for Tboy's school, dealing with Band start up for his school, getting camp physicals and forms completed so that Tgirl (and Tboy, but Tgirl especially) has something to do this summer so she doesn't go crazy, getting Tgirl's handicapped parking tag so we can have less space to lose her when we take her out, figuring out what else I am forgetting, and on and on and on.

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