Thursday, February 4, 2010

Does Tgirl?

Does Tgirl walk on a curb for 10 steps without falling off? Never
Does Tgirl pour from a container? Never
Does Tgirl pull on a shirt? Never
Does Tgirl button buttons? No
Does Tgirl know big, little, more, less? No
Does Tgirl spell her name? Never
Does Tgirl use scissors to cut a straight line? Never
Does Tgirl color in the lines? Draw simple shapes? Write her name? No, no, no.
Does Tgirl join and zip a zipper? No
Does Tgirl hang up her clothes? No
Does Tgirl pull up her own pants? Sometimes, but she cannot get them on her legs.
Does Tgirl carry a plate to the counter? Rarely, she would just drop it.
Does Tgirl attend to tasks? No
Does Tgirl follow 2-step directions? Rarely

I sat through an interview with the school psychologist and answered questions about Tgirl. There were some of positive answers (sure she can sit and hold her head up), but knowing you are answering "Never" over and over again to things that 7 year olds should do, well, it's draining.

I did say the school psychologist was being helpful. And she did score my assessment and give me written evaluations today. And I know numbers don't begin to tell the whole story. But they are a part of her, and we make decisions based on them.

But the results have been going through my head all day. Swirling swirling swirling. Clouding all of the other tasks I had to get done this afternoon. Let's just say I am glad Tboy didn't have any homework, because I would have never had any patience to deal with it.

So, Tgirl is a series of numbers. What are they? IQ 53 (which is higher than the last time she was tested, so I'll take it). Adaptive behavior age equivalent 2 years, 4 months. When she was three, she had an age equivalent of 18 months. Almost 5 years, and we have gained 10 months. I wonder what the next 5 years will bring.

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