Friday, January 1, 2010

Pretzels and Penguins

I got a bread machine for Christmas. Well, actually, I bought myself one while shopping during the Christmas season. I count it as a present.

Today I used it to make pretzels. I set the dough to start in the machine and did a few chores. While the dough started, Tboy got busy with play dough. (By the way - a fresh supply of play dough makes it under our tree every year. We don't play with it often, but when we want it, it is nice to have.).

First, he made a giant tortilla. It actually was like a burrito, but he kept calling it a tortilla. In his mind, he was having some contest and he was going to win with the biggest one.

This was snapped right before Tgirl smashed it and caused a big to-do. She was promptly sent to the naughty chair.

Here is my pretzel dough after it came out of the machine:

Shaping took a bit of time. The directions said to roll them into long strips. In my mind, I pictured this just like making a long play dough snake. It didn't work like that; I had to really manipulate and stretch the dough to get long strips and had better success with some pieces than others. Here they are resting.


While I was doing these, Tboy made this incredible snowman. I wish my picture did it justice, because the snowman has both a broomstick and a cute red bird, eyes and beak included, in its hand.

Next the pretzels were boiled. That was pretty cool I think. It inspired me to try bagels, although I have no idea when I will get to that.

Now, for the penguins! It started out as Penguinsaur. This creature, I can only assume, is based on Humongosaur, an very popular creature in our house at the moment.

My pretzels were dipped in a water and baking soda mixture, placed on the baking sheet, and sprinkled with kosher salt. After about 15 or minutes in the oven out they came.

While the pretzels finished up, Tboy finished his penguin, morphing it into a much gentler looking being, with an open mouth - "I added some more details Mom".


So you did, my little Goo, so you did.


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