Monday, January 11, 2010


Last Wednesday, Tboy woke up sick.

He woke up saying his stomach hurt. It's hard to say if he fakes it or not, because my number one fear is vomit! I would rather cut off a limb than throw up. The mere thought of my children vomiting is enough to send me to my bed, quivering in fear, with my own tummy bubbling. He absolutely knows he can get a rise out of me if he says something is wrong with his stomach. Since it was the first week back at school after Winter Break, I thought he may indeed be faking. I sent him back to bed and said if you throw up, throw up in the toilet.

Unfortunately, he was telling the truth! Before long he was running to the bathroom throwing up in the sink. The TOILET Tboy - USE THE TOILET. Unfortunately, my fear of vomit is such that that is about the amount of sympathy I can show my own child when they are sick. Oh my, the boy even threw up on his carpet.  Fortunately, a few vomits and few emergency trips to the bathroom and he was back to running around the house, happy as a clam.

The odd thing here is that this is only the second stomach flu he has ever had. He had one earlier this school year and that one was also in and out of him in about 4 hours. Yes, the boy made it to 7 before ever throwing up. Contrast that to Tgirl, who for years threw up often and for days (or at least that is how it seemed to me).

For me the countdown is on until Tgirl will start throwing up. She can't tell us if she feels sick, so usually she is fine, then a bit down and then throwing up without warning. It sucks. This is horrible, of course, but I am just looking at her all the time wondering - now? today? tomorrow? At night? During the day? What if she throws up while I am out with her?????? What if she throws up at school and I have to go get her and then she throws up in my car on the way home????

She will get sick, I know. Right after I let my guard down. For now though, life goes on.

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