Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bunker, Dunker, and Baby Bunker

So, yes, in real life I have two children. But sometimes I have more. Around this time last year, Bunker joined us. I will admit, I think 6 is a little old for a boy to start having an imaginary friend, but here he was in all of his glory.

Bunker is the last name of a boy who had recently moved, and Tboy promptly appropriated it. I think he reminded him of his lost little friend, and also provided a handy someone to talk to. Since he's been here, he has ranged in age from being Tboy's twin to 16 or 17. Bunker was soon joined by Dunker of unknown age, but sometimes he is 10 and sometimes the three of them are triplets, and Baby Bunker. Baby Bunker isn't always a baby, but for sure he is always the youngest. Candice and Isabella live with us too, but they are more recent, a product of the family's love of Phineas and Ferb.

Lately I have noticed that B, D, and BB aren't always around. Their recent appearance has made me think. Tboy has been having a very hard time lately; he's been in trouble at home and school. His stuttering is back and he is easily frustrated. Tgirl is causing concern and turmoil. Boom! There they are - B, D, and BB back in all of our conversations. It finally dawned on me that they come and go based on his moods. They obviously give him some security and also, I think, something safe to talk about with me. And, more importantly, I think they give him normal siblings.

They are endearing to me, even if I think he is well beyond the age of having imaginary brothers and sisters. But now that I have managed to figure out why they come, I feel that is it up to me to make sure he doesn't feel that he needs them. Obviously, whatever is going on in Tboy's mind right now and how we are reacting to it isn't working for him. I will have to help him sort it out. For now though, it is nice to have these three around to help give him a little comfort and control and, (for me) a little breathing room.

But Bunker, Dunker, and Baby Bunker, I will miss you when you are gone.

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