Sunday, December 6, 2009


The Saturday After Thanksgiving - the annual set-up the tree day!

First, we had to drag everything out from under the eaves, and get it sorted. Once the ornament box made it's appearance, Tgril went straight to it, digging around quite purposely...


and then placing....

Finally - all the Santa's in their spot!

Yes, each year the Santa's go on the side table. Mostly, they are a collection of ornaments that are too heavy for the tree. This year, Tgirl took it upon herself to find them and get them displayed. I know that Tgirl has long-term memory; she's shown it before. But when someone has an IQ of 32, you just never can be too sure about what is going on in there. It was, oh I don't know what the word would be, but it was 'insert word here' to see her look so diligently for the Santas and place them just so. There is a mind and voice in there and I would give all that I have to hear it come out. Instead, I have to content myself with these glimpses, and know that she does know how to make sense and order out of her life.

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