Monday, December 21, 2009

Early Christmas

In big school, there are really neat field trips. At Christmas time, Tgirl goes with her class to the Dollar Tree to Christmas shop. This is followed by lunch at McDonald's. Before she goes, a note comes home, asking who she will be buying for and what they might like. Then, you send in the money and wait!

This is actually a pretty cool field trip; I went on it last year. However, like all of Tgirl's field trips, I find them very emotionally draining and avoid them if at all possible. This year, the hubster was able to go; he loves these things.

In addition to the shopping, they make their own wrapping paper and then bring home all of the wrapped presents right before Christmas break. When Tgirl brought them home, she wanted everyone to open them right away. So we did!

She got Tboy a really cool Santa Lantern. He really liked it. In fact, he used it to light his way behind the couch where he proceeded to clean out all of the toys and junk that had accumulated there. Way to go on getting a useful gift Tgirl!!!

She got Daddy a new tape measure and I got a cooking spoon. Can one ever have enough? I think not.

Most of our fun family events end up with one or the other - or even both - crying. But this was an exception. Tboy actually ran off to wrap one of the gifts he had already gotten Tgirl.

Tboy had gotten her a new car - she loves cars. In fact, she has been carrying this car around with her everywhere since she got it. Tboy was thrilled she loved it.

Every now and then, they get along, are happy with each other, and life is good.

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