Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cookies and Cocoa with Santa

We went today to the annual Cookies and Cocoa with Santa. It's hosted by the local Family Support Network. We've been going for years now. The goal is to provide a low-key environment for the kids to do crafts, play games, and of course, see Santa.

It generally lives up to that. Although Tgirl doesn't like Santa. In years past, she has screamed bloody murder but we have gotten her to sit on his lap. This year, no such luck - she would not even go into the same room as Santa. Still, she played games,

choose prizes,

and even decorated her gift bag.

She wouldn't eat her cookie though - goldfish, yes - cookie no.  I guess that is what Mom is for.

Even Tboy seemed to be having fun, assembling a mass of Puffy Penguins Prizes. Unfortunately, on the way out, he started making fun of the kids and complaining about them. I guess he did it for attention, and he is really self-centered at the moment, but really - the sibling of a special needs child making fun of special needs children????!!!! How appalling and embarrassing! I can think of nothing worse he could do. The consequence we gave him was what we considered logical and reasonable and what had to be done. Doesn't make it any easier though. I wish I knew what when on in his mind.

The truth is, I probably do know what is on his mind. He is probably confused, a little scared, unsure of how this all fits in his world, and wondering why he does so much of Tgirl-centric activities. Why isn't he going to to a Santa party for 'normal' kids. Little boy versions of the thoughts that go on in my head. We've explained things to him as best as we can, but he probably won't really grasp it all until he is much older.  And we often keep things from him because it is overwhelming and hard to understand. Is that right or wrong? Only time will tell.

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