Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tboy - did you eat my candy? No Mom.

I am sitting here after a very busy morning, trying to refocus myself for what could be a stressful afternoon. Of course, I should be preparing for my meeting, but instead I am surfing, eating lunch (yes, I know - very bad to eat in front of the computer!) and trying to just give my brain a rest.

I ate a nice salad, a few (too many crackers) and then glanced up over my laptop screen, to the bag of chocolates sitting there. Dark chocolate squares filled with caramel. The bag says "rich chocolate, luscious filling". Really - who wouldn't be tempted with the words "luscious filling" staring them in the face??? Of course I had some (two, really, just two). I am a *bit* surprised that they are still there, though, sitting as they are generally out in the open. The last time I had candy in my office, it was found, even though it was well hidden.

It is a Christmas tradition here to put chocolates in the kids' stockings - chocolate bells, Reese's bells, if it is bell-shaped and chocolate, in it goes. The first year, it was all Tboy could do not to eat them all and forget about the presents and Tgirl ate them wrapper and all. That's my girl - don't let the fact that you can't open the wrapper deter you from a chocolate fix! I put way more in their stockings than any reasonable parent would let their children eat. So, after breakfast each Christmas morning I empty the stockings and put the candy into one bag and put the bag up in a cabinet. Unfortunately, some years my husband eats them all before I have had my fill.

This year, I wised up. Not only did I hide them from the kids, I hid them from my husband. At least, I did put them somewhere where he wouldn't look straight away - inside a bag, tucked away in the closet in my office. There they sat, most of them safe in their little cocoon, a couple of them taken each day. One day, I noticed that they seemed to be disappearing at a much more rapid rate than I would have expected. At first, I brushed it off thinking that we hadn't had as many left over as I thought. Then I went after my husband who said "I didn't even know they were there." But mostly, as long as there were still some left when I went looking, I was happy enough.

Fast forward a few more days. "Tboy - go feed Eli". The cat food is kept in the same closet as the chocolate. He was up there a long time. I went to investigate. There stood a little boy, caught, literally with his hand in the chocolate bag! TBOY!!!! Are you eating my candy!???!!! "No Mom". Tboy, I can see you chewing! "Well, maybe just one" Only one? "Yes - really Mom!" Well, don't eat anymore! "Okay Okay". He goes into his room. I came in a few minutes later, catching him chocolate-handed, unwrapping and eating another. I pat him down; his pockets are a treasure trove of candy. I take them away - Do NOT eat my candy!! "Okay Mom!" Have you done this before? "No Mom". What do you think? Do you believe that?

For weeks, I found those little candy wrappers in his room. I think I found one last week. Wrappers in the trash, in the closet, in the drawers, under his bed, in the corners of his room. I can only imagine that he had been secretly taking a several every day and eating them, hidden away in his closet. Perhaps, even stashing some away for another day.

Now, how has he missed the candy bag on my desk? Maybe because it's hidden in plain sight? Maybe he thinks it's coffee? Who knows, but I am glad he has missed it. Because when/if he finds it, he's going to make a huge mess of that luscious filling.

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